Bought a used bat... Broken???


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Bought a used Diesel Helmer, supposedly light use. Not from any of our fine members here.

The barrel looks like it hasn't seen heavy use, but not exactly what I'd consider "light." No big deal though.

But it had a hockey tape wrap I wanted to replace with a real bat grip... peeled it off and there's two lines under it that to me look like splitting right at the hands...

Also it has this gold hologram sticker that says "Original" that I've never seen before. What's that?

This look cracked to you guys too or have any of you seen this when changing grips? I haven't hit any balls with it cause I havent had the chance. It just showed up this week.

I'm trying to upload pictures but its struggling. I'll figure it out soon.


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Pic is there, looks like a crack, but I've never heard of this problem or seen it before. I believe the sticker means it hasn't been warrantied, maybe...