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Only get one game a year at the Stadium.
For the Kinds tourney.
330ft lines, first at bat, first pitch, got the geebeez out early.
I can die happy.
Couldn't find a vidz forum so im posting cause im proud.
Ball landed at 365'
ASA/NSA ball. Weapon: 06 Rip it Reap2


Mr. G

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Nice shot!

I liked how the guy on first base was hesitant to run, then started to sprint once he could tell it was gone.:thumb:



Addicted to Softballfans
Was a deep AAA ball park. Asa tourney And no one had hit one out in 6-7 years. It was a moon shot so i thought it didnt have the legs. Ill take the bases... Cant do that for too many more years. Take the lap if you get it. Those CE composite bats and old PST's surprise me everytime. Most underrated bats of all time- OG asa reaper amd the 2002-4 shortshell PST's. Some engineering