DeMarini 2016 Juggy


Missing my DeMarini 2016 Juggy model.
Would I like the newer Juggy models even more, similar or nah went backwards after the hot year of 2016....?
So did the Juggies improve (if that was even possible) or should I just stick with the 2016 model trying to trace it somewhere or just order me a later model Juggy?
Advice appreciated.....
Issue is living in Thailand cant just try one and dont like it....hard to get those things delivered here so want to know sure before ordering anything....


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Haven’t swung the 2016 but I’m still using my 2014 Juggy over the 2021 and older models I have tried.

The older demarini stuff is built with durability in mind. I’m sure you can find the 2016 on here or eBay for less than $150 shipped to you.


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I’m sure there are a few out there but I don’t have any leads for you. I would try eBay, Facebook and post a LTB thread on the forum here.

Good luck!