do you guys


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do any of you have that 1 guy on the team that thinks he is so awesome, trys to help everyone cause he knows how to play the best, and trys to coach the team whenever he gets the chance.

for us its our SS. he gives throwing tips and hitting tips to everyone and he has the most errors and the lowest BA on the team. also every chance he gets he trys to run the team like at practices he puts fielders where he thinks they should be and not where their gonna be..

but whats p***ing me off is the fact that he got our practice time changed so he can practice and now i cant. everyone can show up at either times but the coach chooses his time just cause...

oh well... start the bash

So, basically you are bitching about the same thing he was bitching about with practice, but doing it on here instead of taking it up with your coach. You claim you want to have fun, but ever think maybe so does he.


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if he hits better than all of you than listen. if he doesn't tell him stfu. if your venting while hitting .200, take his advice.


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now that would be more useful but he was showing him how to pitch a curve... thats pointless in my mind

At PRACTICE!!??!! The ****ing nerve of that guy! Doesn't he know you practice like you play. Practice is focus time in slowpitch! If you're not focused at slowpitch practice you sure as hell ain't gonna be focused for the game! DAMN IT! :mad: WTF is short center anyways? Is he a short center fielder? Why can't he just be a center fielder? Does that make me a three legged P/OF?


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