Drifton - Labor Day


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What's going on for Drifton's Labor Day Tournament this year? Any interest from our "local" teams?


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I'm hearing that teams from MA will not be allowed to go unless they play in states? Is this true? If so, when are states?


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That is true. Our league talked to ASA and they said if they have a state tourney teams have to play in it to get them to sign off. They did not say if there was definitly a tourney though.


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cheeks159, you will need to speak w/Mass. ASA about that (playing in the States.) They do have a website. I do not have any contact w/ ASA,
but I understand that playing the ASA Mass. States may be manditory to play in Drifton. Again, I say contact Mass. ASA. Joe Alphonse is the State Commish.


Drifton Tourny has gotten outta controll... pitching rules need to be followed and the comish has zero controll.

Old dirty basta

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A money making tourn. That's all tourn is a joke and people running and involved in it is a JokE. Be better off flushing your money down the drain.

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Thats been the deal for years, in the past if there was no tournament you would have to make a check out to your local ASA ( Metro Boston- Mass Asa)
to get the sign off, use to be if your team was under Metro Boston you were not allowed to play in the states,don"t know how it works now.