Easton sp15mka Realtree Asa mako questions? Junk?


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Got a Easton mako realtree Asa bat as a throw in on a trade. I got it cheap enough to basically make sure i had a newer stamped Asa bat I felt comfortable would pass any compression test. Also a backup BP bat.

Word on the streets in my area is the bat is a turd with little life, and not much pop? Im pretty sure some of that is people want to unwrap and rip these days. I'd be shocked if anybody put 500 swings on one before saying F it..

So the million dollar question: is the bat junk? A turd? Is the bat worth putting in the 500-1000 swings. I'm in no hurry or in need of the hottest bat.. Just want to see what I'm working with. Thanks in advance.


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ASA realtree

There are definitely hotter ASA bats available, but I'd hardly call the ASA realtree junk. It has a nice endload and a large sweetspot. Give it some swings. It might just surprise you.


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The one I bought off the "BP Hero" with close to a 1000 swings (his words) hits the 52s really well. Still passed compression by quite a bit as well. I would say there are better bats but would not call it a turd by any means.


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very durable like old eastons. Mine just had webbing after about a thousand cuts. Very good bat, would be a great team bat. But my 28 felt so heavy I sold it. The 13.5 barrel with an endload felt heavier then my 30 100H.