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I am currently working on a school project to produce an electronic indicator for umpires that could connect to the scoreboard. This would eliminate the middleman and allow the umpire himself to control the scoreboard. What would a device like this absolutely need to succeed? (balls strikes outs, maybe compatibility wise, size/weight, etc). Any type of feedback would be great from! Thank you so much.


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Umpire's perspective - Not my job. I have enough to do without having to make sure that the scoreboard is correct.

However - for your project - ball/strike/out is the minimum. That's what's on a standard three dial indicator. Some of us (myself included) use a four dial indicator but that's not required and is a preference.

Don't bother with score.

It would have to be wireless and small enough to fit in my hand similar to a standard indicator with a local readout. Would have to be durable enough to get hit by a pitched/batted ball and not explode into a gazillion pieces.

Good luck with your project.


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Compatibility with multiple scoreboards. There are at least four different scoreboard manufacturers, three of which have a handheld controller. In some Conference tournaments the field umpire keeps the handheld controller and maintains the scoreboard live. As a plate umpire it would need to be tough enough to take a hit or hit the ground and still work fine. Also battery life, many times the current controllers only have a large enough battery to last 6-8 hours. Doesn't work as well when we're out there for 14-16 hours on a Saturday.


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The scoreboard can show whatever but the ump should have the score and inning noted and verified with both scorekeepers.