End cap flew off after 20 swings. Self fix without voiding warranty?


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These krechers break fast. This was my back up to the one that broke after two months that I'm waiting for replacement.

I know this **** is going to break. I really don't want to waste my return on it. I've seen posts in here referencing stickies about gluing it back on inconspicuously enough not to void the warranty but I cannot find it.

Any help?


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Doing this kinda stuff has been talked about here. I don't recall any threads mention doing this then sending a bat on for warranty return afterwards, I'm pretty sure manufacturers will know if their products have been tampered with in this manner.

Some manufacturers do not count issues like this against warranty if/when it happen so soon after purchased.


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Contact the manufacturer. Would think the most you would have to pay would be return shipping to them to have them fix it. But would think if a company wants to keep customers happy for this kind of crap, they would cover shipping both ways. Guess this does not answer your question but would be the best way to handle it and not have anyone questioning altered bat BS and you having to worry about warranty. Maybe they would give the ok for you gluing it back on, hard to believe you could do a worse job than they did.


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It happened to me with my Army Green Krecher last Summer. I sent it back and in a few weeks I received it back as good as new. I've since put on about 125+ more hits with no issues.


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3m marine adhesive sealant 5200, ratchet strap for 24hours, but will probably void the warranty, I’d call first to see if they can fix it