For anyone looking for a bat to use with Clinchers..


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I use my Miken Freak 52 34/27 mostly in my Arc leagues with Green dots. However I took BP with this bat using Clinchers and this bat was crushing these balls. Talking clinchers couple yrs old but minimally used, not past muddy or water logged balls. Off the Tee these balls were flying as well. Used it in my modified league and bat performed very well. That max load is the key on this I think.


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it's so true I had the black and Green Supermax freak 52 once you get a few hits on it and break it in. It destroys the clincher softball I had the 28oz had to sell it the supermax load was too much for me to swing in modified leagues I kept popping up the only time I could use it is in arc pitching. I was looking for one in a 27 ounce but no one seem to have one . So I end up buying this year's model of the freak 52 and it is smoked the ball right out the wrapper.


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I have a question. I'm currently playing in a modified league and they use clinchers to play in this league (regular 12"). Now, I have a Demarini Bruiser 34" /30 oz bat and a Demarini Juggy 34" / 28 oz composite stacked and end-loaded. Which bat would be better to use on clincher softballs?