For Sale For Sale: Demarini Ultimate Weapon x3, Worth Lighthouse x2, Worth Supercell 2, Jacoby


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It's been a while since I've been on the site and it's time to sell off these bats. They've been sitting unused for a while and I'd like to see it go to someone who would use it.

For Sale – All Metal, Single-wall Bats

1. Black Demarini Ultimate Weapon 28oz. – 2004 ASA Stamp - **SOLD**

2. Black Demarini Ultimate Weapon 28oz C405 – 2000 ASA Stamp – No Dents or Flat Spots, Very Good Condition - $40 Shipped *revised*

3. Blue Demarini Ultimate Weapon 31oz Extreme Load CU31 14” Barrel – One of the Originals – No Stamp – No Dents or Flat Spots, Very Good Condition - $50 Shipped **SOLD**

4. Blue Worth Supercell Lighthouse Cryogenic C405 11.5” Barrel – 28oz. - Model SSLLC BPF 1.20 – No Stamp - Very Good Condition - $40 Shipped *revised*

5. Blue Worth Supercell Lighthouse Dual Energy Transfer C405 11.5” Barrel – 31oz. – Model NWLH BPF 1.20 – No Stamp - Minor webbing on barrel, Good Condition - $40 Shipped

6. Rare Purple Worth Supercell2 C405P 12” Barrel – 28oz. Model SS130 *BPF 1.30* - “Meets ASA Specs” Stamp - $50 Shipped **SOLD**

7. Rare Jacoby (Anderson) Diamond Flex DF49 – 28oz. BPF 1.20 – No Dents or Flat Spots, Near Mint Condition - $50 Shipped *revised*

Paypal gifted friends/family, or add fees % if as goods. Remember, these bats are used, not abused. Sold AS IS, NO REFUNDS. If there is an issue, PM me.
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Addicted to Softballfans
3 Bats left - Black UW, C405 Lighthouse, and Jacoby (Anderson). Emboldened in the original post.