Glove for a 10 year old beginner?


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I have a 10 year old and I'm looking for a glove. She has never been interested before. She has gone to countless baseball games to watch her brother as well as my slowpitch games. For the first time on Saturday she picked up a glove and wanted to play catch with us (I have begged and pleaded with this girl to have a catch for years and she always says No) needless to say I was in shock! She had fun, caught some balls and threw pretty well.

The issue I have is she's a lefty and the rest of us are not. Otherwise we have plenty of leather laying around. I want to get her a glove and hopefully build interest for the game. She is a little over 4'6 and weighs around 85 lbs. She has sturdy build and would probably make a good 1st basemen someday. Hand size I'm not sure, but she is bigger than most of her friends the same age.

Is a youth 12" too big or should I go 11.5? What size ball do they use 11 or 12?

I've been looking at the vinci youth gloves a bunch as I game one myself. She might like having the same glove as Dad!

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!


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For female ball, I'd say a 12" glove would be perfect. I believe the ball is a 11". Easton, Worth, and Vinci make fastpitch gloves. I believe you could find something with either of those pending price you're willing to spend. Good luck on your search


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Check out the Vinci Fortus, youth glove but still with a little substance. My daughter is 15, she plays 16U and has been using a Vinci custom baseball glove since first year 12U. No velcro, I hate Velcro. I'm a Rawlings guy, but Vinci makes great fastpitch gloves for the young female hand. Very small/snug hand stalls.


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I hate Velcro also!! I was looking at the Fortus and the BRV series. I also came across a few Worth "Shut Outs" that caught me eye.

It's always tough buying a glove you haven't put your hands on.


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I would suggest a Mizuno prospect 12". The black one with lime green.

10u uses a 11" ball and steps up to a 12" at 12u.

I recommend the above because they are able to catch with them right away. They likely will be worn out with a years worth of league use. Over time my daughter went through about 3 of these until she wanted to take the time to break in a better quality mizuno one. She now uses a higher end Vinci (1929-L) that took her 3 months of only using it during pitching practice til she would use it in team practices or games.

With a new user, the mizuno prospect will give her the most confidence use right now.


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Bradley Gloves, they are specifically for children and have 4 finger models that introduce TIP placement in gloves for better glove control