Goff Thread


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Sounds like it fits my...shot shape better. I thought Caledonia was pretty great. Got lucky- it was right at the beginning of COVID. The course was empty because everyone was dying if they went outside.

I was down there for the 4th last year and the beach was packed, like, packed-packed by 730am. that was in murrells inlet. If you're anywhere north of there just cancel.


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We finished 2nd in our flight at the par 3 last week, shot the same score last night and was tied for 3rd when I turned the card in.


2 weeks in a row they have gotten a pile of teams entered


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Still leaving to many birdies on the dance floor and not capitalizing on the par 4s

We had to wait 30minutes while teams were jammed up on the first par 4, we all promptly ****ed our shots up


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Played a 2 man scramble today. We shot 37 on the front with 2 bogies. My partner says at the turn, "let's make 6 birdies on the back." We birdied the first 5 holes and then I rolled in a 25' putt on 18 to make the prophecy come true. Shot 30 on the back.


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I was -2. Had made birdie on 10 and 11.
Made bogey on 15.
Good birdie putt on 16 from 18'.
Missed a 4 footer on 17 for par. Back to -1.
Blew my nose on 18 tee and it started bleeding.
Made par on 18 with a Kleenex in my nose to finish it off.


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Bigger dive into sundays 9 holes.

I made par if I hit the fairway or just off the fairway. I made bogey or worse if I was in the trees


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I've gotten 54 holes with the same ball, and did not make worse than bogey the entire time. its retired now, its work here on earth is done.