Has anyone swing the new Miken line of bats!


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I've hit some BP with a buddies new blue one and it felt great out of the wrapper. Would love to swing the new Big Cat but haven't had a chance yet...it's supposed to be similar to last years model from what I hear.


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I've owned and swung both balanced (lime) and maxload (blue) versions...both hot ! My teammate has the orange Bigcat....it broke early, (< 100 swings), but Miken replaced it. It's hot as well !


I've got the orange Big Cat. It hits better for me than the 12" Adidas and Dudley 2.0. It has more endload than last year's model. I would drop down an ounce if that's the one you're thinking about. I'm a 27 oz endload guy (Adidas, Dudley, Ultra Maxloads, DC41s), but swinging a 26 oz orange big cat.