Have you ever busted a bat in the 1 year warranty time frame?


Curious as to how many people have LEGITIMATELY (ie. not taping a ball to it and swinging at a tree! LOL) busted a bat in the first year of ownership. I have owned 20+ bats over the years and have never had that happen. Probably because I never seem to stick with a bat long enough to break it.

If you have had one bust...what was the bat and what were the circumstances?


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Ha! Succinct! I like it. What model Combat?

Also Normy, how did you come to fall head over heals in love with Combat?
Technically it wasn't the bat shell but the discs inside. I've had 4 blow up over the last 3 years.

I guess the main reason I love Combat is because not too many other people do. They're the ugly duckling of the softball world. Hitting the 52 core ball with Combat has never been a problem for me. The feel, sound and sweet spot location just seem to click. Plus, I enjoy getting heckled by people on here for it :D


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I break this new "hot out of the wrapper" garbage all the time. Most recent was a 19 Miken KP last week in 50 swings. Most of the time the manufacturers will give you a 3rd warranty bat consideration....but it still sucks

Pre 2016 Eastons were about the last time anyone made a bat that wasn't too fragile to actually use.


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I had a Worth 454 Team Canada that I sharktoothed in under 100 swings. I hit it in cold weather, I think there was still snow on the ground. Dumb.

I picked up an old Worth Lighthouse singlewall at a yard sale and not knowing how fragile they were, hit a bucket of .40/400's in BP. Twenty balls later and that bat was completely flat on three sides.

Had a Demarini Steel that split in 8 swings. Don't remember the year, but I think they had a defect where the steel sleeve had a lengthwise seam, they were known for breaking easily.


My beloved 17 USA AM, that one broke my heart.

Loose disc on a Combat Greinart and a shark tooth on a 17 Helmer I got as a replacement for the Combat.


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Back when I was serious I would have 8-10 bats and 2 trash cans full of balls. One was 52 one was M's and stadiums. If I wanted to break a bat the right balls were all I needed. If you use the same side of the barrel and can find the sweet spot it unfortunately does not take long now.


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I wonder how many of these breaks, esp the quick ones, were due to hitting the wrong balls? Buy hottest bat, hit hardest balls, cry/brag bat broke in 50 swings.


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I wonder how many of these breaks, esp the quick ones, were due to hitting the wrong balls? Buy hottest bat, hit hardest balls, cry/brag bat broke in 50 swings.

there is a big dude I think LS rep or something around roanoke. He was hitting some bombs one night and bitching. Dude was swinging at ultimate evils and acting like he was a big shot. And played E, where he couldnt hit bombs anyway.



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Had an '18 Worth XL that had a pretty bad crack through it within the first couple of months having it. 52/300's, nothing colder than mid 60's, and had probably a couple hundred swings on it, max.

With that said, I think breaking these bats is a little harder than advertised. My stick was one of the few I saw all of last season that gave in. If you're smart about how you use it (warm weather & no hard balls), most will be fine.


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Easton scn4 I believe was my first, broke at the handle, obvious defect. 2014 Miken Psycho izzy supermax, hottest bat I've had yet, busted around 1k. Combat Dirty120 700ish cuts, broke in half at sweetspot. Combat Greinart dual stamp, shark toothed, lots of bp over 2k hits. Combat Combatant15, tons of bp, over 2k cuts, broke in half at sweetspot. All bats mentioned hit only usssa worth gold dot extreme classic ms with the exception of the scn4, I don't remember exactly what balls we used back in the early to mid 2000s


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Combat Gear Supremacy (2x)
Combat G2 Plague
Combat ASA DB
Easton Blue Line

Other than that I have had good luck. I did just had my JH Lite crack but that took 2 years of abuse. Probably helps that I don't take nearly as much BP as I used too.


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Never owned one. But I was impressed with the Antivirus, back in the day, and the 2013 Derby Boys(orange and yellow). They were crazy good bats.
Yes sir! Just bought a 13 DBA in decent condition which is almost as tough as funding an Anarchy Demon. Hope she lasts about 500 game swings or so. Hard telling with the 13 disc epidemic.


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2013 Miken Triad (ASA) Loved that bat but spider-webbed pretty quick and about 6 months in, during a round of BP...CRACK


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I blew up a Bubba Club last week, and a couple 2018 Demarini UTrip bats. All while hitting classic Ms indoors.

Never broken an ASA bat hitting 52s.


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the OG Nexxus broke within 20 swings, hitting normal balls back then. Also the og Z2k broke in 12 swings, it was a QC3 EL model. Mizuno Frenzy Elite Xtreme broke in 50 swings... lots of duds over the years.


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We're strictly .52/275 balls around here and I'm using wood bats in BP from now on. If I break a bat this year, it'll cost $50 to replace it.