How many home runs will you hit this year


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so if my calculations are correct....adding everyone's guesstimates all of you combined fall about 12 short of WP's total that he will hit this year


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4 nights a week for 7 months (28 weeks) = 112 League games. Only 1 night allows bombs so theres 28 + like 14 (1 in 6 games) DBOs the other nights. so 40ish in league. Say 80 tourney games at 1 homer every other unless its that GSL fun stuff and im sure to hit a couple of DBOs there too. So another 40-50. Id say anywhere from 80-90 over the fence balls this year. If you count the BP bombs then its like 600+. LOL


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Changed my swing last year and it helped a bunch. In March, April and May last year only hit 3 homeruns. Once I switched grips plus the swing change I hit 20 home runs in June, July, and August. Plus 6 More in the Fall, (no league in the fall and only went to two tournaments.) Depending on the amount of Sanctioned E tournaments in Colorado we play I should easily pass that number. We plan on playing a few more New Mexico tournaments and are allowed a few, plus local tournaments are usually 5. So I am saying over 30 homeruns this year but well see got to keep the in the park swing going for E ball.


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The same type of guys who know their number of homers are usually the same guys who waste them on solo shots just to improve their numbers


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Well I don't like to brag on myself but it would not be out of the question that I hit at least zero hr's this year.. haha
Hit 35 last year in 96 games. Not sure how many games I will get in this year, but I'd like to improve to every other game.


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Ill play about 20 tournaments (avg 5 games an event) = 100 games
Ill play about 50 league games

I figure Ill hit 1 to 1.5 per game over the summer

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Who keeps up with how many homeruns they hit?

I keep track of HR's I should hit. If I have an ab with nobody on base I dont' hit a hr. If 'ts the 2nd inning and we only have 1 hr left then why waist it.

So I may have a night where it was not a good team thing for me to hit a hr at all.

So at the end of a league I might be 20/25 20 hr's when I had 25 chances to let it fly


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What? Well that's some crap. All the leagues I play in allow 3. I hit all sorts of bombs in league.:cool:

Us NOCO folks dont get many options locally to hit em. The Windsor league gave us 1 (but still labeled E) but im not on that team anymore. Loveland had double headers in the spring and fall that allowed 3 but the teams were crap and I didnt get involved because I was playing in Longmont. Longmont gave us 3 in the summer and then only 1 in the fall (followed by inning ending outs). This year is probably gonna be worse league wise. Dumb. Directors keep complaining about losing balls.... When the score is out of hand I intentionally hit em out to try and prove that it doesnt matter, youre still gonna lose balls might as give us some bombs. We called our tuesday night team "Middles Open" after they took our homers away.


Usually a 1 to 1 ratio............So, if I get in my usual 100+ games..................100+ homers.....Give or take a few.