I'm Looking for a Traveling 50+ Team


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My name is Daniel Landry. I live in Pensacola Florida, but will travel anywhere. I am 51yo and I am looking for a decent to good Sr team. I am a pitcher with a great glove and an array of pitches. I've been playing for over 33 years. I can hit it a ton, base hitting or the long ball. I can drive or fly wherever is needed. I'm not looking for hand outs or hand ups. I can hold my own. I'm a real game manager and have many references to prove it. I retired from playing on October and realized how much I miss it. I don't need any expenses paid for nor any accommodations provided, as I just want to get back to playing softball. I'm 6'4" 260lbs and have won more than 20 rings and most were c and d class. If you are interested in a game changer or if you need a list of my references, hmu. I'm ready!!!
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