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Men's slow pitch, bottom of 7th with 2 outs and R1 and 3rd base and R2 on 2nd base. B3 gets a base hit to the outfield. During his celebration, the ball is thrown in to the pitcher but sails over his head. The on deck batter picks up the overthrown ball. B3 has not yet made it to 1st base. What's the call?


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Who celebrates a base hit in men's slow pitch softball?

That being said my guess is interference without a play being made, ball is dead at that point and runners are placed where they would have advanced in umpires judgement. So if that was winning run then game over. Now if catcher had a play backing up throw and runner could have been thrown out at first base still we would have a different story.
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Dead ball, all runners stay at the last base touched when the ball became blocked. Award B1 1B. Assuming the PU felt there was not a play to be made when the ball became blocked.