Bases loaded no out Batter hits ground ball to SS intention of SS is to throw home but runner from 2b gets into path and start jumping in front of SS blocking the throw home....runner scored and SS has only option to throw mentioned runner out at 3b.....
Ump calls no interference and mentioned to get interference call SS should have attempted the throw home and hit the jumping runner in fron of him?? This in a league with slide or avoid rules?


the answer depends on what rule set you use? the ASA/USA rule is

J. When a runner interferes: 1. With a fielder attempting to field a batted fair ball or a foul fly ball, or 2. With a fielder attempting to throw the ball, or 3) With a thrown ball.


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Rule 8 Sec 5 B

B. When the base runner interferes with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball or intentionally interferes with a fielder catching a ball or throwing a ball, or with a thrown ball.

EFFECT Sec. 5. B. If the interference is not ruled intentional; the batter-runner is entitled to go to first base. If, in the opinion of the umpire, the interference is an obvious attempt to prevent a double play, the immediate succeeding runner shall also be called out. When a base runner interferes after he is out or after scoring, the most advanced runner shall be declared out.

I'm guessing the Umpire thought that the runner jumping in front of the SS was not an intentional act....

Did you lose the game because of this??


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Umpire is an idiot and shouldn't be umpiring. The umpire admitted it should have been interference. In all rulesets I am aware of: Immediate dead ball, R2 is declared out, R1 returns to 3B, R3 goes to second, BR is awarded first base. If the umpire thought that the interference was intentional to prevent a double play, they could also call out R3.

It wouldn't take much more to have an ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of R2, but I also have a little quicker hook than most guys.

I would make sure to let the UIC know what the umpire told you, telling a player they have to throw the ball to get an interference call is wrong. Telling a player to throw at another is begging to get sued.