Is this right?


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The batter hits the ball. It goes directly to the ground in front of the plate.

It bounces up with back spin and the batter runs into the ball as he steps out of the box.

The ball deflects off the batter & rolls foul about 3 ft from the plate.

Umpire calls dead ball - Counted as BALL - The batter continues his at bat.

where do these "umpires" come from? how can a batted ball, whether fair or four, ever be called a ball by the plate umpire. Ruling is: batted ball in fair territory that strikes batter/runner in fair territory, he is out. Batted ball that may strike in fair territory but continues and hits batter/runner in foul territory, foul ball

umpires are taught, when any doubt as to position of runner and/or ball in this fast occurring situation is to defer to the batters favor and determine foul ball if any question of ball/batter/runner position because you then allow the offense and defense to determine further play when next pitch is made


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From what is presented I've got a foul ball. The OP states the BR ran into the ball "as he steps out of the box." To me that means he was still in the box and it should have been ruled a foul ball. USSSA 8.4.a says the BR is out for making contact with a fair ball after leaving the box. HTBT, but from what is presented I have the batter still in the box and a foul ball unless the umpire judges that the BR intentionally touched the ball.