For Sale Kelley......Anderson


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Time to thin the herd......

1998 Kelley Wraptech NIW 27oz $120

2003 Techwrap Rare Green version 26oz endloaded $75...SOLD!!!

2007 RT 26oz $90......SOLD!!

2006 RT 27oz $90

2005 RT Composite Killer 28oz.......SOLD!!! $100

2008 TZ 27oz $90

2010 TZ 27oz NIW Special Event Stamped $110


Green Techwrap shows the most wear but still solid. All other bats are in really good condition. Price includes Priority shipping to continental US. Price does not include the PayPal Fee...Add 3%.
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I line them better than the TZs...I already have a Red Techwrap or else I would be keeping the green one.


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Shame those aren't 30-34 oz bats :(

I've only hit two Andersons I ever liked. My 32oz Techwrap is glorious. He also sent me a prototype 32oz Techzilla that was even more glorious for about 60 swings. He started on a second one that was tougher and the big-boy line got shelved :(


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I have 30 oz Wraptech hit once in wrapper, a super clean 2008 TZ 30 oz , a low hit RT 2010 29 oz PM me if interested. Thanks Doug!