LTB 12.5-13"


The Veteran
Looking for a RHT 12.5-13" glove for my fiance, her Mizuno from highschool got stolen and she is now using that as an excuse to never play or even play catch with me šŸ„². No tan gloves. Preferably black or grey. Near New or new. She likes Mizuno but open to see what is available. She liked the Rawlings liberty advanced with the mint lace but it was LHT that we saw. I will probably end up relacing it to make it "pretty" šŸ™„.... Can't complain though, I love relacing. Just want to see what is available before I buy a liberty advance online. Need to keep it under $200 or she'll go ape **** lol.


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I have a 12.75 black/gold Mizuno pro select mod-trap. I can send pics through the phone, I always get a "file is too large" when I try and upload. PM me your phone # if interested