MEssage from SSO/SSAA director


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To all the teams who have played SSO this year, especially this past weekend. I want to apologize for my lack of monitoring the E Rec class over the past while. I want to let you know that I will be going back to the way the E Rec class was monitored by not letting E or any other stronger class of teams play in the E Rec tournaments. Teams will be sent home that bring a stronger team than E Rec to an E Rec tournament. The three stronger teams that participated in this past weekend's tournament has been moved up to Class E and they are welcome to participate in any Class E tournament held by SSO/SSAA. Once again, there is no one to blame but me. Thanks for playing guys. Shane Shuford


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so there is a E Tourny Class and a E Rec class for tournaments?? Why not may an F Class for tournys then??


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I play "E" ssaa in PA and they have the "E rec" going on at the same time. I notice its the same teams over and over winning the "E rec". Its not that big of a jump to "E" especially for teams who have won before. But ya know the saying. "PLay where they let you"


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yea i agree with that...... i think the problem here is that there are just too many teams dropping from D to E to make legit E teams not wanna play E.... with us this is basically our first year together, and we where one of the 3 teams he's talking about, but we had two ppl that had or have played D ball and this rest is mostly ppl who are new sanc. ball or haven't been in sanc. ball for a few years...... and my thoughts is 2 D players doesn't make your team a D team or E and so on..... but we got double dipped in the championship, but it was a fun tny and we or the other two teams mentioned didn't beat the piss out of ppl we did beat to get there.