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just another reason why wyoming rules then i guess. no income tax, no estate / inheritance tax, 5% sales, and taxes on 500k house are only 2100/year


aggressive sellers. reduced is 2k. 7500 is stupidly high. that's a year's rent for a lot of people. i don't know if they have a levy that expires in five or ten years. i can't imagine paying 225k in taxes over the life of the mortgage.


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Not a fan of brie. At O'Hare on the way to Omaha I bought a chicken sandwich for like $10 - the bun was dry as hell, the chicken tasted like dirty socks but worst of all is it had brie on it.

Haven't been to Chase. I've been to Canoe and Scaramouche though - highly recommended. I think Canoe was were I had the McCallan 25.


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Dennys "healthy" stuff sucked. I should just bought the greasy crap they had. At least it would have tasted good
Trip... You can go ahead and explain what your problem was with the shortstop on the shockers team that beat you guys out..
I Thought you guys were a fun team to play against and didn't ***** about the game just had fun... Until I read all the **** you are talking on these forums soon as the tournament was over...


why do you care what my opinion of someone i'll never see again is?

i make fun of everyone. noone is exempt from that.

he was a 40 year old white dude with cornrows that wore more wristbands and flair than a high schooler drafted in the 49th round. he shot balls at our pitcher all game long and got into his kia sportage with spinners and was talking about "all the mexican bitches" that were coming over to da house later. personally don't give a rat's ass, on the surface he appeared to exemplify the term douchebag. for all i know he's a nice guy. couldn't care one way or the other.

i had fun. i would've had more fun if the wind wasn't hurricane milford. we got hosed by the umpire and my opinion about everything that had to do with the tournament was less than zero after he basically gave the game to the guys who showed up in a full uniform. couldn't have a rag tag team of guys from seven states and two countries beat a team in their sunday bests
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