MINNESOTA Thread: Mother Nature hates MN softball.


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i can get your contact info for hinckley. it's a fun tournament with the town festival going on and casino hookers in full force. beer is usually pretty cheap. the fields suck and there's a good change at least one local team gets arrested.


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They get the fields at Central and Evergreen into amazing shape for the Dudley every year. Really, the week before and the week after are the best times to play there, because they're groomed as well as any fields in the state.

We play at Becker the week before and the week after. Sonofabitch.


Too sweeeeeeeet
The fields there can't handle rain very well anymore. I don't remember the exact reason, but it has been brutal for a couple of years.
Albertville unlike other tournies south, Faribault being one of them was doing good. Just an hour behind when I left at 7pm. Radar doest look good now though. Faribault cancelled totally.
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