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Has anyone swung anarchy. Bought 3 and put about 20 swings on each. Good so far and I think they will be fire when they open up. Lmk what y'all think.


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I believe the hype is unnecessary. They’re decent bats, but they are akin to the bats prior to the introduction of non-linear mass production.

For example, the Eastons from 2015 were linear technology IMX composite and needed at least 800-1k swings to open up. The Miken Freak Black and DC41s broke in at about 600 swings. A lot of people say the same about these non linear technology Anarchy bats; 600-1k swings.

So what’s the difference and why are people paying so much? Raffles? If one guy buys a significant percentage of bats sold upfront, doesn’t that create a choke point for the consumer? A desperate consumer will perhaps make poor financial decisions to scratch the itch, thus setting the bar in the resale market.

With that said, I have perhaps fifteen different ASA/USA Anarchy bats, and the 13” barrel bats all swing the same and perform the same. My personal gamers are the DC41’s and the Worth Mach 428.

It’s all hype, folks. Not everyone has the same swing as you. Swing what works best for your swing.


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Grabbed a Usssa Highway star for 99, can't lose at that price even if its just a bp bat. Feels great with classic ms off the tee and sounds good as well, can't speak for distance yet as i've only hit in my garage.


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SIS had some good Anarchy’s for $100. All U Trip. I have an Odin U trip and Super Charged Rebellion USA. Both balls crush the 44s. The Rebellion is great with 52s as well.