New USA Sticks, 3 Bats Quick Review


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7swings each with point system.
HR=3pts, Fence=2pts
OneHopFence =1pts

Zero Swings on the LS and Salvo going into this quick review. Hellfire has about 50 to 60 hits.

Sorry but the Hellfire got bested by these two bats. Was a close battle but for a Dual Stamp to edge it out says much IMO. Again different swings by all so maybe for some others the Hellfire delivers. Not a bad bat for 1st try and if Pure continues with the USA space, I'm sure they can deliver.

LS PEO Williams 12" barrell finished with 9pts with 3 gatecrashers and OTF. Honestly, these early swings might make this my favorite LS on the ASA front. Just the right endload and the sweetspot was decent size for short barrel.

Easton Salvo 13.5" Dually finished with 7points on 2 gatecrashers. Bought this last year early and finally decided to unwrap. Again just me but more promising on 7 swings than the 50 plus Pure. Old tech TCT composite from Easton on this one. Added benefit that can be used in 2 associations.

Pure Hellfire finished last 6pts. Did get one gatecrasher but distance lacks right now. Maybe it needs that 300 hit mark. Won't find out soon enough.


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Another 3 sticks plus the Salvo.

7swings each with point system.
HR=3pts, Fence=2pts
OneHopFence =1pts

Salvo 7pts
Fiend 7pts
Grand 8pts

Torch from swing one is ready and it showed. Never my faves these 25oz bats, but might be the one to keep.

Salvo respecatable for older tech and may need the 200 plus mark to put it to another level.

Fiend was stiff in which I expected. Another I think would need some more hits and or some 44's to loosen it up. Did that for my Legacy and it went another level in game play.

Grand has a very good 1 ounce endload. Of the 4 bats only this and Torch hit OTF 300 foot line. When squared ball seems to pop off barrell.

One more week and will be quiet from me as I go into season ending shoulder surgery. Have some other sticks will try to pull out for a quick snapshot like these. Will see...


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Took 3 more out against 1 from the other night and Gamer.

20 swings each. Was gassed in the end.


Pure Jericho 27.5 17pts 1otf
Monsta Alpha 27oz 14pts 1otf
Anarchy BudSe 28oz 13pts 1otf
Monst Torch 25oz 13pts 2otf
Monsta DNAL 27oz 23pts 2otf

Well just maybe my other Hellfire is a dud. The Jericho outperformed it in 20 swings with consistant points with more than half one hoppers but actually put one out in which haven't done so with the Hellfire. The Monsta Alpha which is Fallout repaint felt good out of the gate and just beat out the Torch tonight from the other night. The Anarchy Bud Select felt good. Smallish sweetspot but clearly seems like the 2022 line of xcore bats are an improvement from years previous.

Gamer (DNA Legacy) delivered tonight but a little unfair since these others bats aren't near the hit totals. But wanted to put a little comparison in numbers.

Of the 3 tonight the Jericho was my favorite, complete opposite from the Hellfire the other night. When squared the ball just zips. Took a short video. Will post on the Hellfire post.