NSA game lights cut out in middle of an inning.

Hey we play in an NSA league. Our late game ran very late and the lights cut off during the second half of an inning. It was going to be the last inning regardless due to time. Very close game. Before the inning began, we were winning 16-15. We were home and batting in the bottom of the inning. When the lights shut off we were batting, down 19-17 with (1) out.

Anyone familiar with this type of situation and what the rule would be? Thanks for any help on this!


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It's going to depend on your league specific rules. It could be considered a weather shortened game and would revert to the last completed inning or it could be a suspended game and you would need to finish it. By the book it would need to be completed from the exact point that it was supended, but I've never seen a league that did that.


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I use to play in a league where the one town had field lights that were on a timer and went off at 10pm. Rarely did we go that late but a couple times they went off during play. Not fun trying to find your gear in the pitch dark.
It was a money league but I don’t remember either team paying.