Official Last Bat 2022


Game 1: Infield fly to 2B
Game 2: BB

Had another bad night batting: 1 for 6 and with 7 plate appearances (lots of pop outs). Sole hit I slipped and performed a spinning fall right immediately after I made contact but the ball carried over the fence for a HR. Nearly twisted my ankle on that one.


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Line drive single to center to lead off top of the 7th down 2 runs. Next two guys popped up, another guy walked, next guy fouls out. It happens, but man I would’ve loved for that to end up sparking the comeback. Right after I hit the ball fireworks started popping off 😂


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Charity Tourney 4 Game Guarantee
Game 1: F7 Sac, Out!
Game 2: Walk
Game 3: F7
Game 4: Grand Slam

Game 5 Chip and 🏆
Single to LC


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Sunday Men's 1st Round Playoffs
Game 1: 6-3
Game 2: Single 56 Hole
Game 3: Single 56 Hole

1st Round Loss. 9 for 10 on the morning.

Sunday Night Coed
Game 1: 64 weak
Game 2: F8

Was shot in these 2 games, father time did me in.
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