Official Last Bat 2022


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Sunday Morning Mens
Game1: 63. Shortstop played literally 15 feet into OF. Thats when the age diffence makes me think about not playing with the younger guys.
Game2: Lazy pop to 3rd. Tried to hit 65 hole but flubbed it.

Marathon games with close to 100 runs scored.
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Feeling a bit under the weather last night and my defensive play reflected.
Highlight of the night was a successful pickle to end the inning, retiring the runner at 3B on a play that started 6-3 for out #2

Dude may have had half a chance if he was rocking the PF Flyers...

Single into LF towards a winning effort
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Game 1 340 foot out. Stupid baseball field
Game 2 1B up the middle just out of the reach of 2nd baseman

Baseball field giveth and taketh away. It gave me a hit that would have been caught on a regular field. The other teams LF and LC played at about 320 feet. But it took 3 hits away that would have been homer's on 300 foot fences. Didn't have the a$$ to get them out of a big field tonight.


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Monday mens 1 backside over infield gap
2 rocket off of 3rd bag, almost took teammates legs off 😳

Tues coed 1 280 ft line drive, great catch
2 fouled out on Lazer into net

Thurs mens 1 rbi single over ss
2 2 rbi double over lf to start the comeback victory

Thurs coed 1 another 2 rbi single, straight into 3rd bag that shot into outfield
2 line drive over ss


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Thursday night: I ended my season with my first triple of the season.

Bad news: it’s because I twisted my ankle Saturday night when I was drunk.. gotta miss last reg season doubleheader on Wednesday and playoffs for Thursday and the next Wednesday.. I’m so mad. April is a long way from now.