one piece vs two piece bat?


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My pros/cons are going to be different than yours. It’s a personal preference, swing both and make up your mind what is best for you.


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One piece bats are stiffer. There’s more feedback to the hands, so it’s best to use if you can square up the ball consistently. The stiffer handle transfers more energy to the ball, so it’s a great option for baseball guys who are transitioning to softball.

Two piece bats are far more customizable. There’s a lot of options for flex. Some of the variables are found in the construction of the handle; alloy or composite. There’s also additional variables based on the connection system used to attach the handle to the barrel. You’ll just have to swing them and find out what combinations work best for you.

Another variable worth considering is the knob. I’ve noticed the new stuff is coming with smaller knobs, including worth and Miken. There’s some brands like Warstic who skipped installing a knob. It just tapers and then swells at the hands. Seems like a weird place to add weight.

I suggest you don’t worry so much about what bat is “the best” and instead work on your swing. If your swing is good, it won’t matter what bat you use.

My favorite video I’ve seen on these forums is @TWmccoy hitting 300’ bombs with a easton cyclone and a Easton hammer.


I'm pretty indifferent to either version myself. Currently have one one piece bat that I have as a backup but am gaming a two piece (with another backup gamer also a two piece). One thing I can say is mis-hit near the bottom of the barrel towards the taper hurts more on a one piece versus two piece.


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I'll add that some 2 piece bats are stiff like a 1 piece and almost always give less feedback or vibration especially on miss hits. Personally i like 1 piece or stiff 2 piece bats better, flexy handles don't jive well with my swing usually. Combat 1 piece are still my all time favorite


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I prefer the one piece. It talks to me through feedback. "You didnt hit it clean, jackass, maybe skip the bat flip and focus on running bases?"

One drawback to the one piece is youre limited in newer options. For ASA ball, its Anarchy, Monsta, and I think i saw a new dual stamp Salvo?


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Yes very interested in a dual stamp salvo The new Easton’s have that double barrel technology. Waiting for someone to pull the trigger and tell us how it performs.
The Salvos I’m talking about are linear and are older composite. They only sell them on a competitors site. Three different options.

I’m interested too, we hit .40/275s where I play. Durability is always an issue.


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One piece are very forgiving if you hit near the handle. You can still hit a dinger over the infield.
Two piece have more pop.
That’s my experience. I keep both in my bat bag.
The one pieces I have are all Easton: ASA Wegman, Utrip salvo, Dual Stamp CV-12