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R1 on first. Batter hits a line drive to right field. R1 is on his way to third and the throw comes in from right field and goes out of play. Batter is already on first at the time of the errant throw. Where do runners end up?


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USA Softball - two bases from the runner's position at the time of the throw. So if the batter-runner was on first when the ball was released - third base and R1 scores.


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F. When a ball is live after a batted ball and is overthrown into foul territory and is blocked. EFFECT Sec. 7. F. In all cases, when a blocked ball occurs on an overthrown live ball, the ball is immediately dead. Each and every base runner is awarded two bases from last base occupied, unless required to retouch. NOTE: For offensive equipment or team representative causing a blocked ball, the runner closest to home will be declared out and all other runners must return to the last base touched when the ball becomes blocked. 49 1. When a FIRST throw is made by an infielder trying for a first play, the award is made from the batter’s and a base runner’s positions at the time of the pitch. 2. When an infielder makes any FIRST attempt at a play, and then makes a second attempted play or throw, or on any throw from the outfield, the award is made from the last base touched by a runner at the time this throw is released. NOTE: Should more than one runner be between the same bases, the advanced runner governs the award.