Perrysville Fun Days August 1-3. Must Come 3 Day Event!!!!!


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Must come 3 day event!!! Kicks off Friday Night with the Men's 16 Team Double Elimination Tournament. Saturday will kick off the Mud Volleyball, Cornhole, and 3-Point Contest. We will also have vendors, jump houses, potato sack raises, fund raising booths, raffles, Live Entertainment starting at 7 P.M., and much more!!! Sunday we will wrap up the Men's Slowpitch Tournament and see who will be on top with the $1,000 cash payout.

Men's Double Elimination Tournament:
16 teams Max
15 man roster must be signed. Once you turn in roster before 1st game you will not be able to add any more players!!!
Double Elimination
Paid Certified Umps
Entry Fee $250
1 hour Time Limit
B.Y.O. 44/400 NSA approved optic yellow ball.
Homeruns: 3 and 1 up
Starts Friday Night at 7:00 Indiana Time

Team List:
1. Yung GunZ
2. B&K
3. Rivercrest
4. DP/NB
5. New Era
6. Labor Link
7. Team GoodWin
8. Precision Recovery
9. Mound Pounders
10. Center #6
11. Outlaws
12. Young Stallions
13. Benchwarmers
14. I'd Hit Dat

1st- $1000, Team Trophy, and NIW 27 oz New Stamp Bat for the MVP
2nd- $750
3rd- $500
4th- $250

Mud Volleyball
3 Game guarentee
Unlimited teams
Max10 players per team. 6 on Court( 3 guys, 3 girls )
Play to 21 must win by 2
Entry Fee: $60
Payouts based on # of teams
Starts Saturday Morning at 9 a.m.

Double Elimination
2 Players
Entry fee $20
Unlimited Teams
Play to 21. 7-0 skunk
Payouts based on # of teams
Starts at Noon

3 point Contest
Head to Head Double Elimination
15 shots ( 5 balls per rack )
1:00 time limit
Entry: $10 per player
Payouts depend on number of shooters
Starts at 4 p.m.

Note: ALL Players must sign waivers for all events participating in.
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Not at all.. Played against them before. I was just curious if it was the same team.

No reason to be scared its just softball


Addicted to Softballfans
No multi layered. Have to be bullets, zns, decker, xrock 44/400 y-2, ect. No microshell technology either.