Pitcher's mask question


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Which mask will fit better for someone that wears glasses ? Is there one that has better ventilation so I don't fog up my glasses ? Thanks...


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worth pitchers mask

speaks the truth



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same vote here. I could not put the helmet on with my glasses on, but I had no issue with ventilation if I put my glasses on after I put the helmet on.


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I wear a gameface and usually wear oversized sunglasses while I do. Never had a problem with fit or fogging. Hope that helps.


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I used Gameface for the last 2 years, until I got the Worth helmet/mask this year. The Worth also gives protection at the side of the head, in case a ball comes and you instinctively turns your head away to avoid a direct hit.


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I wear sunglasses under my Worth pitching helmet with no issues, great all around protection as well.


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Combat face-off, never had a problem while wearing glasses.

bump on this one....i had the worth helmet mask combo and i spent more time hitting my glasses than anything...the faceoff is nice because the elastic support allows you to pull the mask out as far as you need, avoiding touching your glasses....once on, this mask is solid...seriously...the best i've had.


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wear my shades while using the worth pitchers mask with no problem,also like the fact that your whole head is protected.


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Thanks guys, I'll check them out.

Here is where I believe the worth mask reigns supreme over the combat mask and all the other poly face only type of masks. You can put the worth mask on with your free hand. With the others, your pretty much taking the glove off. I take my mask off during long triples and what not, and I hate having to take my glove off.

I've worn glasses with it no problem. Gameface...the mask rubbed on the frame and felt weird.

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I have 3.
Worth Pitchers Mask
COMbat Faceoff
and COMbat Catchers Helmet

No problems with fogging and I no longer wear the first 2 since I found the best in the catchers mask.