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R1 on 1st base with 1 out. B3 hits a fly ball to right center field. R1 leaves the base thinking the ball will not be caught. R1 rounds 2nd base but misses the base and is between 2nd and 3rd base when F9 catches the ball in flight. R1 returns to 1st base without retouching 2nd base since it was missed on the way to 3rd base. Defense appeals R1 missed 2nd base while returning to 1st base. What does the umpire rule?


good one... I would say runner is safe, it would be the same as if he just cut thru the IF past the pitcher and went 1/2 way to 3rd, and then returned to 1st


Addicted to Softballfans
Out - Runners passing a base are considered to have touched that base in this type of scenario....or something of that nature.


the natural
Runner is out must retouch 2nd base returning even if not touched going to 3rd initially.