Price Check: Nanotek USSSA and ASA, Pyro, Ignite


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I've got a few new and slightly used Nanoteks that I picked up when the company changed ownership. I don't play in any metal leagues any more, so it may be time to let these go. What are fair prices these days?

Nanotek ASA 29 oz NIW (this was a replacement marked NW)
Nanotek ASA 30 oz used gamer - not pictured
Nanotek USSSA 29 oz (looks new, no wrapper just minor scratching)
Nanotek USSSA 28 oz (Slightly used - very unusual with a slight lip where the logo/paint is and metallic paint. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an OG test version)
Ignite 28 oz NIW
Pyrotech 30 oz used gamer - not pictured

Thanks for the help!


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Addicted to Softballfans
^^agreed.. there was a member selling a couple a yr or two back that sold/traded for approx $150ish valued by seller, they were in more desirable weights so it will depend on buyer and what they may want to pay