For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide Limited Edition Colorsync Baseball Glove 12" PRO206-6DSB


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Rawlings Heart of the Hide Limited Edition Colorsync Baseball Glove 12" PRO206-6DSB

Barely Used! Only used a couple of times for a catch. This glove was never used in any game. Mint Condition! Still very stiff so you can break it in to your own style!

Heart of the Hide is one of the most classic glove models in baseball. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Gloves feature specialty Heart of the Hide leather that breaks in to specific playing preferences, forming the perfect pocket. From the Wool Blend Padding to the Soft Leather Finger Back Lining, Heart of the Hide gives you the high-performing glove with the comfort you need - day in and day out.

Heart of the Hide LE Colorsync Ball Glove Features:

Limited Edition Colorsync Patch Model

Heart of the Hide Leather

Wool Blend Padding

Thermoformed BOA (GD Synthetic BOA)

Deertanned Cowhide Plus Palm Padding

Deertouch Padded Thumb Loops

Soft Leather Finger Back Lining

TT Lacing

Rolled Dual Welting

12" Infield Pattern

Pro H-Web

Conventional Back

No Trades

Thank you!


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Need a picture of the item you’re selling with a slip of paper that has your screen name and today’s date written on it to prove you’re not a scammer.

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