Review 2021 Ambush Dual Stamp


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Actually 2022 Model

Picked up a 30 oz. Combo of weight and 14" barrel seems to work with my swing.

Out of the gate was performing very well against a few bats in cooler temps. 40 plus and hit about 16 each with the DNA, Diabolical and surprisingly the Ambush hitting over double high 12 foot fence. Screenshot_20211203-215917_Maps Ruler.jpg

Will be swinging it tomorrow in a coed tournament with temps between 40 to 50.
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I'm not too shocked by this review. The utrip models were getting high reviews and they sold quickly. I didn't think the asa model much less the dual stamp would be any good. Thanks for the review and good luck in the tournament. Temps should be in the 40's so looking forward to an update.


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Got some live BP in tunnel. Had the Hittrax on but wasn't set properly did register a few 90 with classic M. For comparison sake, younger fella about 20 years young swinging Juno hit 97 tops. For Dual Stamp I'm liking the early results


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Some Utrip Action lately. Sound against the Harder Balls is amazing. Even a younger lad on my team started using this. Not many will pickup a 28 oz of mine let alone a 30 oz. But he was also smashing.

Will look to get some ASA swings in live games to see how well with 52 ball.