Ryan Harvey Legit XL USSSA vs Easton Fire Flex Loaded USSSA

Ryan Harvey Legit XL USSSA vs Easton Fire Flex Loaded USSSA

  • Ryan Harvey Legit XL USSSA

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  • Easton Fire Flex Loaded USSSA

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Never thought I’d say this, but if your looking for durability the Harvey will outlast the Fireflex both in compression and even breakage.


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Never thought I’d say this, but if your looking for durability the Harvey will outlast the Fireflex both in compression and even breakage.

It is true... the Worth's have both done MUCH better in terms of durability and and testing purposes, IMO. I've known multiple guys here up in the NW in where the Fire Flex fails after 25-50 swings...


Anyone ever scaled the Harvey's? I had a Extreme Legit XL and my 26 scaled 26.6. Made me think it was an EST repaint, since EST comes in 26.5 options.


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Miken and Worth weights are not consistent. Nobody is really. Had 6 Mikens all in 28 oz sticker and they varied from 28.2-28.8.


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o_O I thought you were all in with the D bud!?

I am. There was one year a couple years back when I was swinging Freak 12s. I was having a hard time with the paint seams and bats being thrown out. I'm back all in on DeMarini and have been for a couple years now.

Lol, must have a postal scale but wow, .6 of an ounce, must be the weight of a penny

Actually the scale I have I got from my wife. She's a hair dresser and they use it to measure their color. LOL. It goes down to the hundredth of an ounce which is certainly overkill for what I'm using it for. .6 of an ounce is a lot actually especially if it is all in the endcap. That's a ton of added endload. The couple that were closer to 28oz were quite balanced and the heavier ones had a ton of ass in them.

BTW, a penny weighs .088 ounces so it would be almost 70 pennies to make 6 oz. :p
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Here's my 2 cents...

Performance - Split tie for me. Both very good, Easton likely to be hotter a little quicker but fail comp much quicker too. We are seeing them fail comp with very few swings and we don't hit much else than 52/300s here. Crazy. The Worth can handle a bit more BP and use and maintain comp much better.

Feel - Totally different bats there. Sameish EL but that is where similarities end. I couldn't get with the FireFlex feel at all. Performance was obviously there, it just wasn't a feel I liked. My Dedonatis kept taking the day there > Bal FireFlex. (Harvey I've swung a lot and EL FireFlex too fwiw)

For a league that doesn't test? I would say FireFlex if you enjoy the feel. Hotter quicker (mind you not like Worth takes that much more work but...) People using them here smash the ball. More Eastons to be seen here again, the Utrips had just about died away cause they sucked with the 52s, not anymore. They gained back market share from the Miken/Worth dominance.

Conclusion - For me the Harvey would win on feel and longer term reliability. That being said, haven't seen cracked FireFlexes, just quick to fail compression. The GF doesn't love hers, and she still swing Green Helmer Flex or the 2016 Black Flex which both hers sit at pass line these days. It is a feel thing for her too, she says the FireFlex is hot but doesn't feel as nice as her older beloved 16 & 17 Flexes. I have to say, feel wise for me of the 3 I like the 16 Flex best. Just took 1000 cuts to get where a FireFlex is out of the wrapper LOL.


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Played the Miken Challenge and they had such a huge response of teams that they provided new line bats from all of the manufacturers. The Harvey was definitely my favorite bat of them all and I usually swing the '17 DC 41. The Fireflex has a very responsive barrel, but the Legit was so smooth...loved it even more than the new DC.


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For most of the year I swung a dc-41 with that being said I broke they broke quickly. the freak 20th anniversary I had broke quick too it was hot out of the wrapper and lasted maybe 300 swings but I just couldn't put the purple crack pipe down once I hit it. Made the switch back to Easton and I won't look back. right now I swing the resmondo and the plague and love both. my pick is the Easton bats because every year they seem to fit my swing. Both companies make great bats it just comes down to feel and what works for you. for me that's the eastons.