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Need a price check on this snc15bh 26oz. It has roughly 700 hits. A few very small web lines and normal bag and ground wear. No click or wobble. thanks.



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These can be a tough sell for 115 shipped. If it's a weight you can no longer find cheaply NIW it might help, but I only had one offer on mine when I had it up for sale, and that guy just stopped contacting me after saying he was very interested.


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Depending on the weight you will be lucky to get $100 for it. They offered/may still offer these for $100 NIW... If you are really looking to move I would guess $80 or so would get it moved. They are great BP bats.


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I have one that is my gamer as well......

You WILL NOT get what this bat is worth.... if you do not like it, keep hitting it. It will come around and you will love it.