USSSA Three Base Collision Ruling Needed


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Men's Adult Slo-Pitch Softball Situation:
Two outs, No base runners! Batter base to outfield; batter rounds second as the fielder throws to toward cut which is relayed toward third. Base runner slides into third and is clearly safe but as the runner is ascending to his feet the third base men jumps for the ball in order to catch any errant throw and kicks the base runner is the head, it was declared accidental contact. After being struck in the head by the fielder foot, the base runner rolls to the ground off the bag in 'obvious pain' but the third base had gathered the ball enough and tagged the base runner. What should be the call and please help cite the ruling. Thanks in advance!


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I would have obstruction on the defense and award the runner 3rd base .. as you stated the runner was already safe on the base and was getting up from his slide when he was struck in the head


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Obstruction doesn't have to be intentional. Personally I'm calling time as soon as someone grabs the ball. Rule 10, Time shall be called when the ball is in the control of an infielder and all base runners have stopped trying to advance. Alternatively, you could make a case for obstruction on F5 and that they obstructed the runner between 3B and home, in which case the minimum award would be home. No way would I have an out in this situation.