thrown bat


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What's the rule for thrown bat in NSA slow pitch. Can't find anything on it.
Not sure for NSA.

USA/ASA Rules supplement #52 - Throwing or carrying a bat.

“When a player throws the bat intentionally in anger, the player should be ejected.”


Addicted to Softballfans
It’s been a few years since I umpires NSA ball. My recollection of their rules...

- Throwing a bat, or any other equipment, purposely or in anger is unsportsmanlike and can result in a warning of ejection, depending on the severity.

- Carelessly discarding a bat, like slinging it after hitting the ball or having it slip from your hand is not a rule violation. There’s no penalty, unless...

- If a thrown bat interferes with a fielder making a play, then it’s interference, dead ball, batter is out.