What’s your favorite glove that you ever played?


Here’s my second glove, ever. It’s a Rawlings RBG embossed with the signature of “the Tony Gwynn”. I feel like this was the same glove half of the kids were using in the late eighties. This one has def seen some better days with cuts and scrapes, but it’s only a little floppy and reminds of the all the days and nights I spent learning to throw a fastball against a brick wall.



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Yep.... I swear those older RBG gloves were 10x better than the gloves today. Maybe not the $200+ ones. But I got it new for $60 in about 99 or 2000 I think.

Mine is an RGB Ken Griffey Glove. Had it for about 20 years now.. same, not very floppy, mostly my palm is a bit thinner so it stings a bit more if it catch it there. But it's still my gamer glove. Trying to get used to two different ones so it can retire and be put on display. Lol.

Honestly I could probably just re-lace it and keep going with it.


Lol. Definitely endorse the relace comment. I’ve relaced that one a couple of times and it added life every time…and I’m not the best with laces. I finally retired it when I developed that wave effect in the palm.


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That's a handsome glove SaltyVet

I should take some pics of my ole reliable.

Side question about replacing... you ever guys relace them while the haven't broken? I've still never broke my laces but over the 20+ years I've had it, I have had to tighten them though.


Yes. I relaced a few times and it brought some shape / life back to the glove that tightening and re-tying didn't.


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yes, hell, relace when brand new just because you want different colors lol
Hahaha. That doesn't count. Although I'll give merit to the fact if you're happier with it, you may have a confidence boost thus play better... So while not what I meant, your point is valid. 😂😂😂


Got to be this one....though I have MANY favorites.
1997 TB24 USA made heavy old horween trapeze

Relaced in the winter 2021, gamed again in the championship game for the win in 2021 FallBall!
Love this old beast, her name is Betsy.







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Ah, the mystery glove! Rawlings has a Pro303 with this web, but the hinge lacing is not quite right. Then there is a Pro200 with this web, but the Pro200 has no welting between the fingers. AFAIK, this is it's own pattern, but it was never a stock glove. That is a lot of work for a DMS special order!
It’s a very cool glove, so fun to just play catch with. The pocket swallows the ball for it just being a 12” glove, the web is just loose enough to fully wrap up the ball, and the rest of the glove is just hard and firm enough to feel really substantial, especially the fingers. And the dry Horween leather on this glove still trumps any leather on any other glove I’ve ever owned!