What Bat / Bats did you use for Spring-Summer league and will you use them for the Fall?


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I'll hit my Worth Legit until it gets below 55 or 60. Then I have a Mizuno that hits rockets when it's cold.


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800 ba.. daimmm post video of your swing, I need to learn from you. my ba is about between 400 to 500, very disappointing. I am switching my bat between O2 phenix and carbon. I don't play asa anymore.


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Don't be hating on the civic. The new type r out runs the original nsx in every way i think.

Those are reaaaaaalllllly nice. I have a VW R32 and had one scream up beside me.... We "trekked" through the mountains for a bit before my common sense returned and I let him on his way.


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Yep I used to be the bat whore, I had to find the right combination, asa, nsa, and my singlewall league which led me to a 26 steel stiff, 27.5 omega phenix endload, and my 18 27 worth border battle, all stiff handles and same endload and weights are like .4 oz different, I also like the USA am but the bb swings/feels better, i used to swing a white steel and insane, but once my steel gave way I went away from the insane as well, I’ve now turned my whoring/attention to gloves


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hahaha. man's gotta have a hobby bud. if not bat, something else. i used to buy a lot of fishing gears when i was into it. I don't even fish anymore since i started playing softball.