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Hey I am looking at trying a partial overlap grip and am wondering if anyone has tried the whip strip and if it's actually Ann effective tool. Also does an overlap grip work better and feel more comfortable with a handle taper?

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I use a normal grip but drop the pinkey and use a taper; the taper is for your bottom hand, the overlap has nothing to do w/ it. I know players who overlap but don't drop the pinkey, others do both, it's a matter of comfort. Tried the whipstrip, ended up in the trash...


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I use the Whip Strip now & like it. If you have not dropped fingers before, I think it gives you more confidence to loosen the grip/wrists and whip it more (without fear it will go flying with only 2 fingers holding on, as I also do a top-hand release now). My bat speed is definitely up, with several shots to the fence, and my first-ever over-fence HR. :D

I do not overlap my hands. Tried it. Not comfortable for me, and I don't really see benefit of lowering top hand vs bottom (which effectively makes the bat longer/faster).


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Try sending BruceinGa a pm about this product. He was doing. A spokesman/distributor type thing for them.