You Make the Call


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PLAY: R1 on 1B with one out. B4 hits a ball in the gap that R1 thought would be caught. B4, now R2, catches and passes R1 after rounding 3B. R1 stumbles and falls and R2 picks R1 up and assists them in getting to home plate. What do you rule?


the natural
You have 2 outs inning over. R2 is out after passing R1. R1 is out for being assisted by R2.


Addicted to Softballfans
We gonna get an answer on this?

My only confusion is whether the R2 after being called out for passing R1 is still considered a "runner" on the play at that point or not?

If no longer a runner, then both are out
If still technically considered a runner, then R2 out for passing runner, R1 scores

Experts? What say you????