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  • Red kept throwing two seam balls INTO the wind and they were breaking real bad... Yeah I think its a little stiff outta the wrapper Red doesn't play much U-trip 'cept one night at P-town and hasn't been hitting it. I think the composite was stiff and needs some more swings than we put on it yesterday. I think the feel of the bat on the whole was more solid than the Mutant which seemed to have a softer feeling barrel I'm hoping it will break in and have the performance LIKE the Legend... OVERALL I liked the feel a stiff feeling offering from a 2 pc bat and its a little early to tell about performance... BTW... no rattling after this round of BP...
    That guy looks like he is bowling. Did you feel the RD28 120 was a bit stiff. Mine felt that way.
    I even think the ASA version was a bit hotter out of the wrapper? IDK maybe it's just me.
    I picked up a 2010 ressy mutant which I like so far.
    Yes I did. It's on a HD camcorder so I have to compress it to get
    it on youtube or it takes forever to upload. This bat is gonna take
    a bit longer to break in than the legend.
    The J2 is balanced. I normally swing light endloads 26 oz but I bought a 27 Juggy and eventually a 28 oz'er IF you swing endloaded bats or the slight endloads I'd go up in weight... as for the MUSH balls how bad are they? (my leagues hit decent balls) Except for thr new 40. .325 ball for utrip this year I don't really have much experience with them. The J2 meets the new ASA standards and should not exceed the 98 mph while the OG Juggy meets the old one (its a hotter standard) BUT the new Demarini's that I have hit while not quite like my Juggy are still good bats... My Wife prefers the J2 over her Juggy so I'm gonna get her one... Also I (hear) that the White or Raw steels from Demarini work good with mush balls
    Hey bud - I am returning to ASA softball after 4 year illness. Is the J2 balanced and is it as good as the Juggernaut. OR should I go with a pre-09 bat to his the mush balls. Any feed back would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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