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  • How's this tournament looking for mercer on th 29th wanna make sure it's a go before I round up the troops how many teams so far and how many can u take thanks
    Shoot me a pm. What do you got to trade or cash. The m7598 has a flat spot on end cap where its been drug about a half mile lol
    Hey man I just want to make sure we have a deal before I paypal you the money for the booger. Do you have a receipt? I have the money ready just waiting on the go ahead from you. Thanks, Dustin
    yo brotha whats up its dave vinnys friend. Thanks for hookin it up today I'll def be in contact alot if you don't mind lol I wanna pick up some sticks.Keep me updated on what you got for sale cuz i'm always lookin. thanks again bro
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