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  • This is an introduction to poetry
    A small dedication to those that might know of me
    They might know of you and maybe your gang
    But one thing's for sure, neither one of y'all can hang
    Cause yo I'm like a arrow, and Scott is the crossbow
    Say something now ... thought so
    You seem to be the type that only understand
    The annihilation and destruction of the next man
    That's not poetry, that is insanity
    It's simply fantasy far from reality
    Poetry is the language of imagination
    Poetry is a form of positive creation
    Difficult, isn't it? The point? You're missin it
    Your face is in front of my hand so I'm dissin it
    You page is aglow
    With "missin' you" poems
    But I thought you should know
    They be dissin' you holmes.

    There's not time to grieve
    You can't be delayin'
    You wouldn't believe
    All the **** we been sayin

    While we busy rhymin'
    You're typing all day
    Your post count be climbin'
    You're not far away

    Looks like your close
    I think it's time that we
    Delete all of the posts
    We don't want you to see

    you'll never be the same
    You'll never have clout
    Your name is forgotten
    Now GTFO!
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    Private messaging doesn't count toward to the 200. Just a friendly reminder from your friends.
    This evening at sundown
    We meet in our small town
    Everyone's going without ever knowing
    To meet for the countdown
    Our friends and our families
    All hangout at Riley's
    We stay for a while and jam out Guiel
    Then walk on down George Street

    And this road we choose, nothing to lose at all
    That's the way it was and the way it is

    Gone are the old days
    Now we're on to something new
    Our lives in the fast lane
    Though it's not the same without you
    It's not the same without you
    Bon, you should try I have noticed your new interest in softball discussion and thought I would give you another forum to visit.
    Houston's missng you L.A.'s missing you
    DC's missing you Chicago's missing you
    Kidada's missing you Shock is missing you
    Colleen is missing you Tiny is missing you

    By the way, Big we missing you Pac we missing you
    We feel your presence just not in the physical
    All across the world, blocks is miserable
    Y'all left a void it's a lot of little yous
    But they not original and they not identical
    They just studied your flows and they watched your interviews
    I swear in hip hop if it's not ten of you
    Then it gotta be more, y'all left your paws
    Footprints on the game hood ain't been the same
    Feeling ain't been in music hooks ain't been the same
    But I'm doing what I can man and try to follow y'all memory lane man
    Big you be ashamed to see New York gangbang
    Pac you feel the same thing they use your name in vein
    But I guess that's the issue
    And it proves how much, *****s really miss you
    It's kinda hard wit you not around
    Know you in OSPB smilin' down
    Watching us while we pray for you
    Everyday we pray for you
    Till the day we meet again
    In my heart is where I keep you friend
    Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
    Strength I need to believe
    My thoughts, Bon, I just can't define
    Wish I could turn back the hands of time
    Us and the six shop for new clothes and kicks
    You and me takin' flics
    Makin' hits, stages they receive you on
    Still can't believe you're gone
    Give anything to hear half your breath
    I know you still livin' your life after death
    It’s just not the same when your far away..
    Without you I don't know what I’ll do
    can’t live without you for one single day..
    Your voice still echos in my ears..
    And my eyes are filled with tears..
    You asked me not to cry
    but whenever I look at the sky
    I see your face..
    So far away from me..
    that tears just roll down
    I need you by my side..
    the love for you i can’t hide
    without you my life is blue
    just want to let you know how much i miss u
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