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  • Hey buddy! I need your help. I'm kinda outta the "good bat loop" and I'm trying to sell or trade my voltage for something that I can use. Soooo I'm gonna come to you for answers deal? I already have a trade offer for either a Titan 11, ressy mutant 11, or a NIW Booger. Said he'd add cash if need be. Lemme know!
    I was to ask you about an 2010 Toxic 27 oz. Do you have any left and if so what is the price. thanks for your time. Jason
    lol, @ 13yr old. :) If we go out, I will have to check out that Marquee joint. We usually hit up Fast Eddie's or Goodtymes when I'm in town. But I'm down to hit a kush lounge:) But yeh, I'll let you know if we go hit, it'd be nice to meet ya cracka ass:D
    Right on mayne. I'll keep you posted. Its not 100% sure, but I'm bringin my gear. We are gonna hit up Fast Kart too and do some racin. You ever been there? Pretty damn fun.
    Sup foo. I'm headin to Spokane this weekend. Stayin in the Valley at my Bro's. We may go hit some balls on Sat morn or afternoon. Let me know if you're down. I finally found out he plays on a "C" team called Last Lap. Not sure if you guys play them or not, just lettin ya know. I'll let you know for sure probably on Friday evening via pm what time or place we may go hit on Saturday.

    If you want 2 for 6 I can do it btu I have 1 right now bought it for a jersey raffle a bunch of guys were suped over it but no one bought any tickets so I am selling it to make my money back thats all I dont have a recipt but it is returnable lmk......Brian
    Broooooooooooooooooooooo-zzzzzzzzzzer! We missed you on Saturday, but we all completely understood. The Canadians were all ****-faced and cage dancing. Well, Marty and Mike were anyway ... cage dancing, I mean. It was great to meet and hang with you. Your warmth and hospitality were very much appreciated.
    THANKS for even taking the time to try to help me bud. After four years, it's strange coming back. I was a very good player until black mold exposure almost took me outta here four years ago. I did not like the original Demarini Evo AT ALL so not sure I would like the J2 although I hear they are very different. I will probably just get the 2008 Flex and break it in good and call it a day. THANKS AGAIN for taking the time to try to help me.
    THANKS SO MUCH bud for the feedback. The guy wants $375 for the OG Flex in the wrapper he says. I am VERY leery of buying something on here like that. One more question. How about the 2008 Flex. Is it better than the new Demarini The One or J2? Please advise. Thanks.
    Hey bud - been out of softball for 4 years due to an illness and returning so a bit lost. So would I be MUCH better to shell out the $375 for an OG Flex (I assume you are talking about the original Flex in 2006) or just get the new Demarini The One or J2? Also, how good is the 2008 Flex? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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