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  • Hey.... so I have your glove... how much does it mean to you, cause I know a lot of middle schoolers that would love it=)!
    Hey the other thing that works good for conditioning gloves is coco butter, its comes in a stick version they sell at walgreens. SKITTLES
    Hey i am really interested in customizing a glove for myself. Do you think you can help?
    They have Value dates that are during the week. I know that the Astros come to town the first week in Sept, and that is a Value date. It would save some money to get in on one of those dates....Im on hte season ticket waiting list. So I can hook you up with some tickets at a great price, only 110234 people ahead of me though. SO it might be a while.
    whats up with the cubs group? Also, Cubs tickets go on sale the 20th. You can get them for face value.
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